Our Sort It! apps are no longer supported. These apps are no longer receiving bug fixes or feature updates and are now removed from the the App Store and the web. We have a new app, iCollect Everything, that replaces these apps. iCollect Everything contains most of the same categories as the Sort It! apps but also has the ability to create custom categories. To download iCollect Everything please use the links below:

iOS (iPhone/iPad)


iCollect Everything is on a completely different system than Sort It so you need to do a few steps to convert over:

1. Once you have installed iCollect Everything, you will need to create a new account by going to Menu -> Log In -> Create Account.

2. After you have created your account go to Menu -> Import and follow the directions from there to have your collections transferred from Sort It!.

NOTE: Any purchase made in the Sort It! apps will be transferred as well.

Thank you for your continued use of our products and hope you enjoy our new upgraded and improved apps!

iCollect Everything Support Team